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Introducing the Gaming4Learning blog

I am 13 years old, and I love video games. I have been playing computer-based video games for about 7 years now. I prefer computer-based games because they are much more complex than the games I can plan on an X-box, Wii, or PlayStation.

I have a lot of examples of games that teach very specific life-skills simply by playing the games. For example, Kerbal Space Program and Minecraft, and Roblox, just to name a few, teach skills like trial and error, coding, science topics – all while playing the game.

Are there computer based video games that you (or your child) has found that teach specific skills? If so, please register on this site to reply to this page and add your games. Maybe I will include videos of them on my Gaming4Learning YouTube Chanel!

If you don’t agree with this opinion, I would love to hear why you think computer-based games do not teach kids valuable skills. Please register on this site to provide your opinion as well, so that I may learn from it and respond to it.


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