Z Old-What is Change Management

Employee Readiness thru Communication & Training

Train Your Way recognizes that effective change management, detailed technical documentation, and well executed training programs are vital to the success of any Maximo upgrade or implementation project. We understand that a well thought out and implemented change management and training plan lowers the overall risk of the project and encourages adoption before the completion of the project.

There are five basic phases to each project. In turn, there are five steps to getting your employees ready for the deployment of a new version of Maximo:

  1. Prepare the Project Team – whether it is showing the key functional process owners just the new features of Maximo or training the full set of Maximo applications for a company who is implementing their first version of Maximo, our team is experienced at training and preparing the project team for their decision making process.
  2. Assessment of Change – this is a critical step in the employee readiness process. Each survey can be done quickly and easily or in very great detail, depending upon the scope of the project. Information gathered from these assessments determines the employee training and communication approach for the entire project.
  3. Communication of Change – this step can be done in many ways. If all of the affected employees are at their computers every day, emails and an intranet website are great options. If the employees who use Maximo spend more time turning a wrench or inspecting equipment, a better approach may be lunch time Maximo demonstrations and posters throughout the facilities.
  4. Preparation for Change – this is the most labor intensive step of employee readiness. A role based training plan is established, so that employees are trained on only what they will do in Maximo. This saves time and makes training more effective. Training materials are developed, piloted, and then finally delivered in either a train-the-trainer or directly to the employees as instructor led training approach.
  5. Confirmation of Change – although often skipped, this step is also critical to the success of the project. If you don’t ask the employees 30, 60 and/or 90 days after the deployment of Maximo how well they were trained and prepared, you will not show them that you care if they accept the change or not. This step usually consists of a short employee survey and a training sustainment plan for future support of the processes and software.