Change Management Deliverables

How does our Technology, Training, & Consulting team perform change management in a Maximo project?

Below are specific examples of deliverables in each of the 5 phases of a Maximo Implementation, upgrade, or re-implementation.

1. Phase 1: Analysis – Change Management Prepares Project Team:

  • Maximo New Features or Fundamentals training for decision makers
  • Maximo System Administration training (can be done post Go Live)
  • Maximo Application Development training (can be done post Go Live)

2. Phase 2: Design – Change Management Performs an Assessment of Change:

  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Change Impact Assessment & Training Needs Analysis
  • Change Readiness Assessment
  • Employee Readiness and Communication Plan

3. Phase 3: Build – Change Management Performs the Communication of the Change to all Stakeholder Groups:

  • Formation of a client-based change network (if needed)
  • On-site or webinar process based demonstration of Maximo
  • Informational Posters
  • Newsletter articles
  • Intranet articles
  • Sneak Peek training for new processes and applications

4. Phase 4: Test – Change Management Performs Final Preparation for Change:

  • Role based Training Plan
  • Detailed training materials, desk guides, and/or eLearning development
  • Pilot Training Session prior to User Acceptance Testing
  • Subject Matter Expert training
  • Train-the-Trainer or Instructor Led Training for Go Live

5. Phase 5: Deployment – Change Management Performs a Confirmation of Change:

  • On-site Support (Trainer Office Hours) during first 30 days (if needed)
  • Post Go Live Assessment of Knowledge
  • Follow-up training based on Assessment