Z Old eLearning Development Tools

Which eLearning Development Tool Do You Prefer?

Our instructional design team has experience building content and can show samples of completed content developed in the following three software applications:

  • TechSmith Camtasia – a rapid content development tool that is limited to video learning and quiz question eLearning content, no simulation capabilities are available.
  • Adobe Captivate – a more time intensive content development tool that allows for the development of video, interactive simulation, quiz and test eLearning content development.
  • Oracle UPK – an eLearning development tool that is NOT SCORM compliant and NOT hosted from an LMS, but rather hosted from the Oracle UPK server itself. This software is only used when an organization already has the Oracle Financials eLearning and UPK tools in place. This software is a rapid content development tool that still has full interactive simulation eLearning content development capabilities.

There are numerous additional eLearning development tools on the market. If your organization already employs a specific tool, our team can use it with a short amount of time getting familiar with it’s capabilities.