Z Old eLearning IDD

What is an IDD?

An Instructional Designer develops a comprehensive eLearning Instructional Design Document (IDD) that details the following information:

  • Training Needs Assessment and Target Audience definition for the eLearning content to be developed.
  • Explanation of every step of the eLearning Development Life Cycle and confirm that client understands their responsibilities in the production of these eLearning topics. An Excel Spreadsheet template is used to track each eLearning topic through this life cycle.
  • The list of topics to be developed.
  • Learning objectives defined for each topic being developed.
  • Assignment to classes and courses for each topic being developed.
  • Assignment of eLearning development tool to be used for the content development of each topic.
  • Any pre-test and post-test needs within topics, classes, and/or courses.
  • All simulations, quiz, or test questions needed for learning evaluation within topics, classes, and courses.
  • A development plan timeline with delivery dates for the development of the eLearning content.
  • Resource table of each individuals roles and responsibilities on the eLearning development project.
  • Deployment plan for eLearning content.
  • Maintenance plan for eLearning content