Executive Overview of Maximo Webinar

Audience:  This course is for any organization stakeholder who has team members who use Maximo. This course is designed to provide a high-level overview of how IBM Maximo works and what data needs to go into the system for quality Asset and Equipment Management reports to come out of the system. This course enables the attendee to understand the Asset, Work Management, Inventory, and Procurement life cycles within Maximo and support their team members who use the system.  This course does not require that the attendees have computers and actively follow along with the instructor. This course is delivered via webinar.

Course Summary: This class is 8 hours of training time, but usually delivered in two 4-hour sessions on two consecutive days. For groups larger than 12 students, the sessions should be scheduled for 6-hours.

Day 1

  1. What is Maximo?
  2. The difference between Work Management and Asset Management
  3. The Maximo Wheel – Work Order Life cycle
  4. Work Order Tracking Application Overview
  5. Introduction to Hierarchies: Understanding Systems, Sites, and Organizations in Maximo
  6. Understanding the Location and Asset Drill down dialog box
  7. Locations Application Overview
  8. Assets Application Overview
  9. Service Request Application and Life cycle
  10. Quick Reports Application Overview
  11. Labor Reporting Application Overview
  12. Overview of KPI’s and IBM out-of-the-box reports

Day 2

  1. Job Plans Application Overview
  2. Preventive Maintenance Application Overview
  3. The Lifecycle of Inventory Management and Procurement
  4. Item Master Application Overview
  5. Inventory Application Overview
  6. Inventory Usage Application Overview
  7. Purchase Order Application Overview
  8. Receiving Application Overview
  9. Introduction to Ad Hoc reporting capabilities