IBM Maximo 7.6 Complete

Audience: For all Maximo Users who want to understand how the IBM Maximo system works from end-to-end.

Course Summary: This four (4) day class includes work management, inventory management, and procurement in Maximo. It begins with an overview of the entire Maximo system and then goes from creating locations through work orders, issuing and ordering inventory and services in Maximo. Students create records in each of the primary Maximo applications and understand how each record relies on others in the Maximo system.

Day 1

  1. Maximo Overview: Navigating, Searching, & Queries
  2. Work Management Overview – The Maximo Wheel &  Location Asset Hierarchy
  3. Work Order Tracking Application and Lifecycle: Create, Plan, Schedule, Execute, Follow-up
  4. Practice Exercise on Work Order Lifecycle with Q&A

Day 2

  1. Locations Application: Create, Edit, Understanding Systems
  2. Asset Application: Create, Edit, Move
  3. Job Plans Application: Create, Test, Revise
  4. Preventive Maintenance Application: Create, Edit, Generate Forecasts and Work Orders
  5. Service Requests
  6. Practice Exercise on Asset Management Lifecycle with Q&A

Day 3

  1. Storeroom Application: Create
  2. Item Master Application: Create, Edit, Add to Storeroom
  3. Inventory Application: Configure storeroom specific information
  4. Inventory Usage Application: Issue Reserved Items, Return Items, Stage Work Order Reservations, and Issue Unplanned Items
  5. Practice Exercise on Inventory Management Lifecycle with Q&A
  6. LEGO Exercise

Day 4

  1. Purchase Requisition Application
  2. Purchase Order Application
  3. Receiving Application
  4. Invoicing Application
  5. Practice Exercise on Procurement Lifecycle with Q&A
  6. Inventory Re-order Process: Understanding How the Inventory Management and Procurement Management Lifecycles Support the Asset and Work Management Lifecycles

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