Maximo Usability Experts

The consultants at TTC are Maximo Usability Experts.

This means that we can not only train on the different applications within the IBM Maximo Asset Management system, but we can make suggestions during the requirements gathering phase of the project as to how to make the application screens easier for the users to learn and use. For example…

There are numerous tabs in the Work Order Tracking module. If your organization does not use Safety Plans yet, the tab can be hidden and it is one less thing to confuse users. If your organization doesn’t use the Configuration Items field, this field can also be hidden. Sections can be collapsed by default or hidden and even moved to make all of the required fields more convenient to find. Detail menu buttons can have additional links or less links based on user needs

Contact us today if you would like a Maximo Usability Expert to talk with you about your Maximo system.