Our Trainers

Meet the Technology, Training, & Consulting Team!

Anne Antonelli, President & Maximo Usability Expert

I can help you with your training, change management, and Maximo usability needs.

I started Technology, Training, & Consulting, Inc with the idea that companies know their employees and know what kind of training is best received by them. I help companies improve their bottom line by making their employees jobs easier. It may be through training on a complex business process, a new version of a corporate software, or even teaching a topic like pivot tables in Microsoft Excel, my goal is always to show the student how their learning can be directly applied to their job.

I have over 25 years of classroom training experienced and am both a Microsoft and IBM certified instructor.


Terri Coleman, Sr. Training & Change Management Consultant

I can help you with your training, change management, and documentation needs.

I have over 25 years in the IT training and documentation field. I love to learn company’s processes and help their employees become more efficient by learning both the processes and the software that support those processes.


Gwen Colbeth, Sr. Documentation Specialist

I can help you with your custom training materials and  eLearning content development.  I also perform the training coordination for on-site private training engagements.

“I love to be able to create documentation that our clients use and refer to long after we are finished with training.”


Diane Carr, Sr. Training Consultant

I can help you with on-site training, webinar based training, and eLearning development.

I love to help companies run smoother because all employees know how to do each and every part of their jobs effectively. I have worked with the IBM Maximo applications as well as Microsoft and many custom applications developed by companies in-house.



Diane Sisman, Sr. Training Consultant

I can help you with custom eLearning design, development and delivery as well as all types of training delivery.

I love to create eLearning topics and make employee’s jobs easier by having just-in-time training available to them. I also have experience teaching Microsoft Office applications such as Access and Project, as well as IBM Maximo and many custom applications companies create in-house.