Advanced Query Based Reporting Workshop

All Classes run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.
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Audience: Maintenance and Inventory Supervisors and other Maximo support personnel who need to be able to create their own custom reports in Maximo without having to learn SQL.

Course Summary: This class teaches creating custom reports through list tab searches with downloads and the IBM Query Based Reporting (QBR) functionality. In addition, report writers are introduced to  the Maximo Report Administrator application so that they understand how to take their reports to the next level and make them available to co-workers.

Optional Topics: Microsoft Excel Filters, Sorting, Pivot Tables, and Charts. Training materials for these topics are provided during class, each class varies as to the length of time spent on these topics.

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Day 1

  1. Running Out-of-the-box Maximo Reports
  2. Advanced Search Techniques
  3. Creating and Exporting Ad hoc Reports
  4. Creating Reports with Query Based Reporting (QBR)

Day 2

  1. Understanding Data Table Relationships for QBR
  2. Creating Advanced Reports with QBR
  3. Editing QBR Reports

Day 3

  1. Introduction to Report Administration
  2. Open Workshop on Personal Reports
  3. Formatting Maximo Data in Microsoft Excel

Please email to register for classes.