Scheduling Work in Maximo 7.6

Audience: For planners, schedulers, and supervisors who want to understand how the scheduling tools work in Maximo 7.6. THIS CLASS INCLUDES SCHEDULING USING MAXIMO 7.6 SCHEDULER ADD-ON tool.

Course Summary: This three (3) day class includes an overview of the planning and setup for use of the scheduling tools for Maximo. Practical exercises start by scheduling directly on the work order and using the scheduler included in Maximo, Assignment Manager. Then, the class progresses with the concepts to utilizing the IBM Scheduler add-on tool.

Day 1

  1. Scheduling Overview: What data is required and available for use in scheduling in Maximo
  2. Graphic Scheduler Overview: What does this tool allow you to do?
  3. Graphical Assignments Overview: Work List vs. Assignments tab – What does this tool allow you to do?
  4. Creation of Calendars, Shifts, Labor records, Craft records, and the default Labor query used in scheduling
  5. Scheduling work in a the Work Order Tracking application
  6. Job Plan application: work order duration vs. task duration and inclusion in scheduling
  7. Preventive Maintenance application: Alert Days and Lead Days, Forecasting and creating a forecast query
  8. Creating work order queries for use in Assignment Manager and IBM Scheduler
  9. Building your first IBM Scheduler Schedule and Work List

Day 2

  1. Navigating in Graphical Scheduler
  2. Configuring the Activity Table Fields in Graphical Scheduler
  3. Performing Actions on a Batch of Work Orders in Graphical Scheduler
  4. Viewing Costs Associated with Scheduled Work
  5. Committing Changes in Graphical Scheduler
  6. Publishing a Schedule using Graphical Scheduler
  7. Assigning work in Graphical Assignments
  8. Splitting up Work record and Assigning different People and Shifts to work in Graphical Assignments
  9. Rescheduling Assignments in Graphical Assignments
  10. Assigning Emergency Work in Graphical Assignments
  11. Assigning Forecasted PM work in Graphical Assignments

Day 3

  1. Building Multi-Query Schedules in Graphical Scheduler
  2. Building Work Lists in Graphical Assignments from Schedules in Graphical Scheduler
  3. Understanding Rolling Projects
  4. Understanding and using the Critical Path Method for Scheduling
  5. Creating and Scheduling/Assigning Crews
  6. Looking at Assignment Manger for Assigning Labor to work orders

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