Training Solutions

What types of training can Technology, Training, & Consulting offer you?

Instructor led training, hands on training with practical exercises, is considered traditional training. It is what we grew up with in the public or private school system. It includes all students in a single room learning from a live instructor and performing some type of practical exercises to confirm knowledge transfer.

eLearning or computer based training (CBT), is training provided to individuals via a web browser or other software application. It generally includes visual information, audio presentation, and either interactive exercises or quiz type questions to confirm knowledge transfer.

Coaching or Mentoring is live on-the-job training. This is traditionally seen in the apprentice/journeyman craft fields. A lesser experienced person is trained by observing and then performing the steps with a more experienced person demonstrating, assisting, and confirming knowledge transfer.

Presentation training is often done for very large groups of people when there is little budget or time to provide the information. It consists of a presenter providing a visual and audio presentation of information and sometimes includes a handout and Q&A session at the end.

Online training has become very popular as it allows for instructor led, but does not limit the students to all being geographically in the same location. Instructor and students hold training sessions with the visual and audio being presented online via web demonstration, conference calls, discussion boards, blogs, wikis, and skype. Training is still very interactive; however, students do not physically meet each other or the instructor.

Blended training is simply the combination of two or more of the above training types.

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