Training Styles

Basic adult learning styles – Fleming’s VAK/VARK model

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Tactile

 Things to look at:

  • If the person works a job where they are performing many of their tasks with their hands, they are more than likely tactile learners.
  • If the person tends to sit back and observe and listen during meetings, but not necessarily contribute a lot, they are most likely audio learners.
  • If the person seems more engaged when you show graphs, drawings, and video clips, they are most likely visual learners.

Trainers should deliver all material for each learning style.

For example,

  1. Provide a brief explanation of what they are about to teach.
  2. Demonstrate the steps or process, showing flow charts, drawings, or the software.
  3. Walk the students through the steps, asking them to perform the steps.
  4. Provide a review exercise where the students can utilize what they have learned and perform the steps on their own.

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