A different approach to Maximo go live training!

When can something as simple as a piece of paper teach your employees everything they need to know to make technology work for them – and YOU? When it becomes a creative, instructional tool designed to promote “change readiness” – from the ground up.

That’s why “TTC” used colorful posters in one of their projects. Bathroom doors, break rooms – even the cafeteria – were blanketed with them. Strategically placed in line of sight wherever employees were most likely to see them, and designed for maximum impact, each poster featured the date for an upcoming event, as well as a picture of a software application screen.

Their purpose? – To begin “teaching” users before the launch of official training by raising awareness and interest in the project.


Next came the software presentation. With a focus on “Why” the new system was being implemented, it also asked participants a critical question designed to kick off employee Training Needs Analysis: “Do YOU think you can do what you just saw the trainer do?” The answer was a resounding “NO” from seventy-five percent of the learners.

More questions revealed that most employees had not only rarely used a computer in their workplace, or smart phones or computers at home – but also felt they lacked basic typing and computer skills.

The Training Plan created, as a result of this discover, included monthly hands-on, instructor-led classes that kicked off with a basic Computer Literacy training. The Computer Literacy class used the Maximo start center as one of the practice websites and the service request form as a practice online form. This allowed for another exposure to the future software application during basic computer skills training.

Next, to reinforce the basic skills taught in the computer literacy training the previous month, learners were trained on navigating and searching the Maximo system. This aided in refining those newly taught computer skills, while also moving them more into the Maximo system.

Completing different forms in Maximo was the focus of the third month of training. The goal? – To show employees how simple the application is to navigate and use to create and find records – before they moved on to learn the actual business processes.

Before going live, in month four of the training plan, training evaluations showed that competencies – and confidence – had soared! As a result of all of the previous months work and step-by-step instruction, when asked the same question: “Do you think you can do what you just saw the trainer do” – the answer from the trainees was a resounding “Yes”!

Go live training was a short “process” explanation and a practice session for each job role, using only desk guides for assistance. As a result of the intensive, impactful training provided monthly leading up to go live, learners knew how to use the system and were able to easily avoid the typical “go live” issues.

A sure sign of training success – during the first two weeks that the system was live, the project was successfully OVER-staffed with on-site support personnel!