SC406: Creating & Using Inspections in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x a Workshop

Duration: 4.0 hours 

Private Price: $2,000 for up to 10 students

Public Price:  $200 per student (This class requires 4 or more students registered to run publicly).

This short course walks the student through the creating of multiple inspection forms in Maximo. It also introduces the use of Work Centers to conduct and view completed inspections. 

Prerequisite Classes:
One or more of the following classes:

  1. Work Order Tracking Basics in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x
  2. Creating & Using Job Plans in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x
  3. Creating Preventive Maintenance Records in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x
  4. Creating & Using Routes in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x


Attend this course if you want to:

  • understand inspection forms are built and applied with the Maximo applications.
  • learn to use the different field types with the inspection form application.
  • understand how inspection forms can gather meter readings on an asset or location.
  • learn to apply inspections to assets, locations, job plans, and routes.
  • conduct inspections from the Maximo work centers and from within an asset record and work order record.
  • learn to use the conditions and actions within the inspection form.