SC205: Inventory Lifecycle in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x

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Duration: 6.0 hours

Private Group Price: $6,000.00 for up to 10 attendees

Remember, for a more successful experience with WebEx learning, it is recommended you have two
screens to work on. One to watch the trainer via WebEx and the other to follow along in the TTC Maximo training site.

This short course is for intermediate Inventory Management Maximo users who want to learn how to create Item Master, Inventory, Item Kits, and Tool records in Maximo. This class also covers issuing, returning, and staging spare parts using the Inventory Usage application. 

Prerequisite Classes:

  1. Getting Started: Navigating & Searching in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x
  2. IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x Inventory & Procurement Overview

Course Description:
You will learn how to create a stock item record, add it to a storeroom to create the inventory record, and make the item active. You will also learn how to create a non-stock item and use it in a work order. You will then learn how to specify the reorder details of a stock item in the Inventory application.

Attend this course if you want to:

  • create a parent and a child storeroom.
  • understand the parent and child hierarchy for storerooms.
  • create a stock item in Maximo.
  • add it to a storeroom to create the inventory record. 
  • approve the item master record along with the inventory record. 
  • create  and use a non-stock item.
  • specify inventory reorder details for the storeroom.
  • create an Inventory Usage record in Maximo.
  • issue planned items to a work order.
  • return unused items to a storeroom.
  • stage and issue planned items to a work order.
  • create a new staging bin.
  • issue unplanned items to a work order.
  • create Item Kits in the Item Master application.
  • understand how to purchase and plan item kits.
  • create non-rotating tools.
  • add tools to the stocked tools storeroom.
  • issue and return tools.

Each Private Webinar includes a non-printable PDF for each student (printed copies are mailed upon request), an instructor-led, webinar-based class, and access to the class recording for up
to 30 business days after the webinar.  

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