SC409: Scheduling Work Using Assignment Manager in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x

To register please contact us at or call 1-800-459-9692. Duration: 6.0 hours

Private Price: $3,000 for up to 10 students

Objective: This short course teaches the student the one-time setup steps for Assignment Manager to be able to be used to schedule work orders. In addition, it reviews the IBM best practices for creating job plans, preventive maintenance records, and work orders that can be successfully scheduled using the features of the Assignment Manager application. Finally, it walks through the feature set within the Assignment Manager application.

Prerequisite Classes: One or more of the following classes:

  1. IBM Maximo 7.6 Complete
  2. Work Order Tracking Basics in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x
  3. Creating & Using Job Plans in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x
  4. Creating Preventive Maintenance Records in IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x

Attend this course if you want to:
  • learn the one-time setup for Calendars, Shifts, People, Crafts, and Labor applications to be able to use the Assignment Manager application in Maximo.
  • understand the field values required to be completed in the job plan, preventive maintenance, and work order records for use in Assignment Manager.
  • learn how to create work order queries within the Assignment Manager application.
  • understand how a default labor query can be used within the Assignment Manager application.
  • learn to assign one or more work orders to a specific Laborer.
  • learn to adjust Laborer’s Calendars for Sick and Vacation time.
  • learn to reschedule work orders that were not completed and are now in backlog.

Each Private Webinar includes a printable PDF for each student, an instructor-led, webinar-based class, and access to the class recording for up to 10 business days after the webinar.