Available! Private Maximo Training

Available! Private Maximo Training

Classes are all hands-on, instructor-led via WebEx. You will have access to our training environment for the hands-on portion (or you can use your own test/training environment as well). All classes are recorded, and students will be provided access to the recordings for 30 days after the class. All classes include the non-printable PDF of the courseware files. Printed copies are provided for the full multi day classes. 

Remember, for a more successful experience with WebEx learning, it is recommended you have two screens to work on. One to watch the trainer via WebEx and the other to follow along in the TTC Maximo training site.

Click on any class name below to get a complete topics list and prerequisite classes.

Contact: Gwen Colbeth – gcolbeth512@gmail.com 

Full Multi Day Classes
IBM Maximo 7.6.1.x Complete
Query Based Reporting (Ad hoc) in IBM Maximo 

TTC Short Courses
Getting Started: Navigating, Searching, and Basic Reporting
Asset Management Overview
Inventory & Procurement Overview
The Work Order Lifecycle
The Inventory Lifecycle
The Procurement Lifecycle
Creating & Using Job Plans and PMs
Introduction to Creating Query Based (Ad hoc) Reports and KPIs using Advanced Search Techniques
Building Your Location & Asset Hierarchy
Advanced Job Plan and Preventive Maintenance Features 
Rotating Asset/Item & Tools Lifecycle
Create Meters – Meter Groups – Condition Monitor
Companies-Contracts and RFQs
Planning, Building, Using Classifications in IBM Maximo
Create and Use Safety Plans in IBM Maximo
Customizing Your Start Center in IBM Maximo
Executive Overview of IBM Maximo
Scheduling in IBM Maximo with Assignment Manager
Creating and Using Inspections Forms in IBM Maximo Work Center

Create Meters – Meter Groups – Condition Monitor